INNOVAPROS 2020 International ConferenceTüm Duyurular

INNOVAPROS 2020 International Conference will take place in Davutpaşa Congress Center between October 15-16, 2020. We would like to see all ELT community in this conference to share ideas and contribute to the field.


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Message from the organizing committee:

We would like to welcome you to InnovaPros 2020, an international conference that discusses the future of English Language Teaching by focusing on critical aspects that affect its present. We aim to provide common ground for language teaching institutions, ELT professionals, scholars and publishers where various beneficial ideas will be discussed to help shape the future of our profession by drawing on our current practices encompassing a plethora of issues.

We live in a world that entered the 21st Century with great hopes almost a generation ago but has been suffering from a myriad of crises since then. Therefore, we strongly believe that there is an undeniable need to broaden the horizon of knowledge and the spectrum of innovative practices across all the levels and contexts of English Language Teaching in order to be able to cope with the ever-increasing demand from individual and institutional stakeholders in the 21st Century language teaching context.

To this end, we hope that InnovaPros 2020 will be a means to share some of the interesting innovations in the teaching and learning of English and also serve as a foothold to investigate the prospective applications in addition to issues that are awaiting us all in the wider context of 21st Century education. It is our hope that it will also celebrate the research conducted in the scholarly aspect of ELT as well as bring out the essential teaching practices that we all apply in our classes on a daily basis. Therefore, for InnovaPros 2020, we invite research paper presentations and posters addressing the creative and effective ways along with suggestions and implications to bridge the gap between the present and future of English Language Teaching.

We look forward to seeing you at InnovaPros 2020 on 15-16 October 2020.